This program aims to promote health and create a healthier society that enables girls and women to thrive socially
This program focuses on:
– Mentruation Health Management
– Sexual and Reproductive Health

  1. Menstruation Health Management

Given the taboo around the women body change cycle in our society, we realized that most of the young girls in rural area encounter my difficulties in terms of how to behave once they enter in this period of their life. Some of them get infections due to lack of appropriate hygiene during menstruation or undesired pregnancy due to lack of information on the subject matter and some of the girls do end up quitting school.  

Our goal is to make sure all the girls understands and are aware of the following points

  • What is menstruation?
  • The importance of menstrual hygiene:
  • Some hygienic practices during menstruation?
  • What to avoid for menstrual hygiene?
  •  How to calculate the menstruation cycle
Demo on how to use the sanitary pads